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5 Quick Tips to Avoid a Wedding Flower Disaster!
Worried about 'Murphy's Law' striking at your wedding? Read these tips to stop the worst from happening on your big day.

Real or Artificial Wedding Flowers?
Sooner or later the choice of whether to have real or artificial wedding flowers will have to be made. Here is a guide to the pros and cons of each type.

Bridal Bouquets - Here's 5 Alternatives
Bridal bouquets are the most popular accessories for brides to walk down the aisle. But what if you want to be a bit different? Here are 5 alternative ideas that will work for both brides and bridesmaids.

Top Trends in Wedding Bouquet Design
Here's the latest ideas for wedding bouquet design that we are discussing with brides at the moment.

Bouquet Toss - Should You Do it at Your Wedding?
The bouquet toss has been a popular wedding custom for years. Here are some modern ideas for this old tradition.

Florist or DIY Wedding Flowers?
DIY wedding flowers cost less - but is it worth it?. We discuss the pro's and con's.

Hawaiian Wedding Flowers
Find out about types of Hawaiian tropical flowers, and how to create a Hawaiian theme to your wedding.

Christmas Wedding Flowers - How to Create Fantastic Seasonal Arrangements
Read our Christmas wedding flower tips to find out what flowers you can use and how to make your arrangements look festive.

Cheap Wedding Flowers
How to get cheap wedding flowers without compromising on quality.

Flowergirls - Tips to Ensure Yours Have a Great Day
Flowergirls are a charming and beautiful addition to the wedding party. Here's how to include your girls.

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