Stunning Tall Centerpieces

Tall white lily centerpieces

Tall centerpieces can create that all-important 'wow-factor' when your guests enter the wedding reception room. I enjoy creating this type of centrepiece because they are challenging but can result in some spectacular decorations that change the whole feel of a venue.

tall centerpiece

The centerpiece in the photo above contains cymbidium orchids and carnations. This particular design of ours has been very popular with brides.

The Foundations of Your Tall Centerpiece

Design the centerpiece so that the main part is high up and it has a thin stem that doesn't get in the way of guests. This can be created by using thin-stemmed vases, such as lily vases. Alternatively you could use a thin-stemmed metal stand that the arrangement sits on. Or you could design a flower topiary tree that has a thin 'trunk'.

It is a nice design feature to have some trailing parts to the arrangement. This can either be foliage such as beargrass, or a type of flower such as trailing amaranthus.

With so much of the flower 'action' being concentrated high up, it is also a good feature to have some decoration at a lower level. For instance, you could decorate around the base of the vase. Or why not place an exotic orchid at each place setting on the napkin? You could even decorate the chair backs with a single flower or small arrangement

Flowers for Tall Centerpieces

Certain flowers lend themselves to tall centerpieces. Long stemmed flowers such as gerberas are one example, as can be seen in the photo below.

tall gerbera centerpiece

Gerberas are often cut shorter for use in arrangements, but can look spectacular when their stems are left long. It is advisable to condition them well and use support wire to prevent them from drooping.

Other tall flowers such as delphiniums, calla lilies and cymbidium orchids can also make striking tall wedding arrangements.

If you are using roses in your arrangements, you could scatter some rose petals on the table. This is a great way to create interest at various different heights and at the same time continue the same color theme through.

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