Silk Wedding Bouquets and Silk Flower Arrangements

The quality of silk wedding bouquets seems to be getting better and better. Some of them are now very realistic indeed. The photo of the gerbera below is actually a silk flower.

silk gerbera daisy flower

For many brides their first choice would be a real flower bouquet. But silk flowers have the following advantages:

  • They can be kept as a reminder of your wedding.
  • They can easily be transported if you are getting married a long way from home.
  • They will not wilt or be affected by extremes of temperature.

The Choices for Making Your Silk Bridal Bouquet

Once you have decided that you want to have silk flowers, you have a choice of how to make them.

  • Do them yourself
  • Use a florist
  • Buy ready made

silk wedding bouquet made of rosesYou can buy the flowers individually yourself and make your arrangements. Some florists sell silk flowers individually as do many large craft shops.

This could suit if you are quite 'crafty'. Remember to allow plenty of time, as these things often take longer to make than you would expect.

If you ask a florist he/she will be able to use their skills to make a bridal bouquet in exactly the same way as a real flower bouquet.

This will ensure that it looks realistic. They will probably know the silk flower brands that are most realistic-looking.

There are a number of companies that sell silk wedding bouquets ready-made. This is ideal if you want a no-hassle service.

More Silk Wedding Arrangements

silk flower wedding centerpieceAs well as bridal bouquets, you can also create everything from reception arrangements to boutonnieres from silk.

The photo on the left shows a table centerpiece idea that is created from silk roses.

It has been made on top of a tall thin lily vase so that the arrangement is about 90cm above the table and doesn't get in the way.

You can even buy silk petals which you could use to decorate reception tables, as an alternative to traditional confetti or for a young flowergirl.

Quality Silk Flowers

As with many things in life 'you get what you pay for'. Silk flowers are no exception. There is a big variation in quality with the best being extremely realistic silk wedding bouquets.

One brand that enjoys a good reputation is Sia. Their products are available in the UK, USA and Australia. This company started in 1963 in Sweden and has grown a worldwide network of suppliers since then. It is popular with interior designers and florists who look for quality products

Here's more silk wedding flowers ideas for you

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