Silk Bridal Bouquets

Silk bridal bouquet created with pink roses and white stephanotis

Silk bridal bouquets are available in as many shapes and styles as fresh flower bouquets. If you are able to use or choose the best quality silk flowers then you really can create a silk bouquet that’s as stunning and as beautiful as a fresh flower bouquet.

Silk wedding bouquet with Lily of the Valley flowersBy choosing an artificial bridal bouquet you will have quite a few advantages over a fresh bouquet. For instance you can buy your bouquet well in advance and put it away until your wedding day.

You can easily use out of season flowers. When choosing your bouquet you won't have to worry about selecting the most expensive flowers that are out of season. Most silk flowers don’t vary that much in price throughout the year, unlike fresh flowers.

You will also be able to keep your bouquet as a memento of your wedding day.

If you are planning on getting married abroad, then silk bridal bouquets are a perfect choice as you’ll be able to take them with you.

When planning your artificial wedding flowers the best place to start is with the bridal bouquet, and then you can plan the bridesmaid’s bouquets, buttonholes and centerpieces. It’s normally a good idea to have a flower or color theme for all your silk wedding flowers.

How to Choose Your Silk Wedding Flowers

There is so much choice when it comes to choosing silk flowers for your bouquet. A good place to start is with the color of your bridesmaids' dresses. You could use mixed silk flowers with some that pick up the color of the bridesmaids' dresses or all of your bouquet flowers could be in the same color as their dresses. Both options prove popular with brides and give your photos a really coordinated look.

Shape of Bouquet

Detailed below are two of the most popular styles of silk bridal bouquets. This will hopefully give you some ideas of where to start when choosing your bridal bouquet.

Posy (Natural Hand Tied Bouquet)

Silk peony posy bouquet.  Created for a Spring weddingThe flower stems in a posy bouquet are all spiralled and tied together to give the look of a natural bunch of flowers.

You can see in the photograph a silk bridal bouquet of cream and pale pink peonies. This type of bouquet fits in really well with the recent vintage wedding theme.

You can easily give this type of bouquet a more structured and contemporary look by using a silk flower such as a rose and then finishing it with a silk foliage collar.

The posy has become increasingly popular for brides that are looking for a more contemporary style of bouquet.

Cascade (Shower) Bouquet

Silk cascade bouquet consisting of pink orchidsAll of the silk flowers for a shower bouquet come from a central handle and then cascade downwards. This shape of bouquet is more traditional but that doesn’t make it old fashioned.

Shower bouquets have become increasingly popular again. The only time I wouldn’t recommend this style of bouquet is when your wedding dress has detailing that sweeps across the front as the bouquet may obstruct it.

Silk shower bouquets can be produced in a wide variety of flower types from natural country flowers to tropical orchids and classic calla lilies. Your choice of flowers will really affect the look of the bouquet.

In the photo above, you can see a contemporary style shower bouquet produced from silk phalaenopsis orchids and fake galex leaves and steel grass.

Once you have chosen your silk bridal bouquet, then you can go ahead and choose buttonholes and table centerpieces. All of your wedding flowers can be made from artificial flowers, which make perfect keepsakes for all the wedding party members.

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