Rose Wedding Theme

If you're thinking of having a rose wedding theme, congratulations! This is probably the flower that is most associated with love, romance and weddings. And thanks to its popularity, there are lots of accessories that you can use to give your wedding a rose theme.

In addition to your bridal and venue flowers, here are some ideas to complete your theme.

Rose Wedding Favors

There are plenty of rose theme wedding favors to choose from. I particularly like favors that are practical in nature, so I was drawn to these elegant soap and candles favors above. You could also choose the ever-popular tin of mints, which are the ideal way to say 'thank you', and are easy for guests to carry.

Rose Flower Petals

One of the most popular ways to decorate a reception room is to use rose petals. We do it frequently! I personally prefer to use fresh petals and you can now order them over the Internet, freshly picked. You could also choose to have fresh petals that have been freeze dried. These have the advantage of being easy to store and transport. Or for ultimate convenience you could choose silk petals.

You can use rose petals to can decorate the reception tables, be used as confetti, or sprinkled on the ice bucket holding champagne.

Petals are also popular for use by flowergirls. The basket below would make an ideal container for rose petals and a useful gift that could be used after the event. Why not complete the look with this porcelain rose gift set. It includes a satin mini-purse that can be personalized with your flowergirl's name. I know a couple of little one's that would love that!

Rose Wedding Invitations

There are a number of different invitations that feature roses. You can choose from a traditional or more contemporary style of invitation. Many of the online retailers now offer an amazing range that can be customized with whatever wording you want.

Other Wedding Rose Accessories

You can complete your rose wedding theme by providing your guests with disposable cameras that have this design. These are great for capturing natural moments throughout the reception.

And if you've just got engaged, why not send out some of these rose themed 'save the date' magnets. You don't want your bridesmaids booking their holidays on your wedding date!

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