Rose Wedding Flowers

You are never going to be disappointed if you choose rose wedding flowers. Roses are the most popular wedding flower and with good reason:

  • They are a beautiful shape
  • They are have year round availability
  • They are available in lots of colours to please just about everyone

red rose wedding flowers

The classic way to say 'I love you' is with a bunch of red roses, and this can be reproduced in your bridal bouquet. A classic hand-tied bouquet with velvet smooth 'Grand Prix' roses is a sure-fire winner, as in the photo above. This type of bouquet needs very little in the way of adornment, maybe just a foliage collar.

In fact that is one of the great strengths of using roses. They look fantastic on their own, but they mix easily with other classic flowers. This is great if you want a rose bouquet but want the ceremony and reception arrangements to feature other flowers alongside the roses.

Rose Wedding Theme

There are plenty of wedding accesories that are decorated with a rose theme design. These include things like wedding favors, invitations and save the date magnets. using these items you could put together a very tasteful and romantic rose theme wedding.


You don't have to worry about pricking your finger on rose thorns because many of the commercially grown varieties are thornless. For those varieties that do have thorns, your florist will remove them for you.

The woody stems that roses have mean that the flowers stand up straight and don't go limp. This can sometimes be a problem for soft-stemmed flowers that are out of water on a hot summers day wedding.

Black Roses

Black roses have been something that plant cultivators have been trying to produce for years. At present it is not possible to get a pure black rose but there are a number of very dark maroon roses that are almost black. One of my favourites is 'Black Baccara'. This rose works very well when mixed with red roses or pink roses.

With the exception of black and blue, just about any other colour of rose is available. You may be surprised to know there are even green varieties. Multicoloured blooms are eye-catching including the wonderfully 'splashed' varieties like 'abracadabra', which looks a bit like a red and yellow Jackson Pollock painting.

How Long Do Rose Wedding Flowers Last?

Commercially grown roses are pretty robust and wilting should not be a problem on your wedding day. However some of the garden roses have not been bred with this in mind and the blooms may not last the day.

Most roses last longer in the vase if they are cut shorter. This is worth remembering if you are going to keep your wedding centrepiece decorations after the event.

Will My Rose Wedding Flowers Smell?

Rose varieties vary from having that distinctive floral fragrance to being almost without any scent. Fragranced roses are becoming more popular again and if this is important to you discuss it with your florist before ordering.

Rose Petals

Rose petals have a number of uses that you can employ on the day. They can be used as a natural alternative to confetti. Some churches have banned the use of paper confetti in the church grounds because of the mess that it makes. Natural confetti gets around this problem.

Petals can also be sprinkled on the reception tables for a simple but effective decoration.

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