Real Weddings - Lisa’s Orchid Wedding Flowers

White orchid wedding flowers are one of the most stunning choices that you can make for your wedding. This is what Lisa chose for her winter wedding. I really enjoyed creating these flowers and the time of year allowed for some really romantic photographs including candles and open fireplaces.

Real wedding flowers - top table arrangement with romantic candles

Lisa wanted to have a country winter woodland theme to her wedding. I included moss and twigs into some of the flower arrangements and twigs to give this feel.

Bridal Bouquet and Bridesmaid’s Flowers

The bride had a wonderful cascade bouquet created using Phalaenopsis orchids. These flowers have quite large heads and can create an absolutely stunning look. When we create wedding bouquets using these flowers, they need to be ordered in especially from my wholesalers.

bride and father with wedding flowers, walking to church for a winter wedding Phalaenopsis orchid wedding bouquet held by bride next to her father

The bridesmaid carried a kissing ball. Although I usually craft these packed with flowers, this was a little bit different as a created a moss ball decorated with a single Phalaenopsis flower.

Gents’ Wedding Flowers

The gentlemen all wore country tweed suits – including the groom. I created white Phalaenopsis orchid buttonholes backed by a galex leaf . These looked beautiful against the green of their suits.

phalaenopsis orchid buttonholes for the groom and best man

Ceremony Decorations

In the church, I placed pew ends created from white Singapore orchids. The same flower was used in candle decorations on the font top and windowsills.

Singapore orchid pew ends used in a church wedding candle and orchid decorations used in a church wedding

White flowers can often work well in old churches where the wood is stained very dark brown. In combination with the candles, they can help lift the room and give a sense of celebration.

Wedding Venue Decorations

The wedding centerpieces were created from Phalaenopsis orchids together with winter twigs. These received many admiring comments on the day.

tall phalaenopsis orchid wedding centerpiece phalaenopsis orchid wedding cake decorations

A lovely touch by the caterer was to create a cake that was decorated with sugar Phalaenopsis orchids to match the bride’s real flowers. If you look closely you can also see that the cake looks like wooden logs to match the bride’s woodland theme.

candle and orchid top table arrangement

The top table arrangement incorporated 3 candles into the display. This added to the romantic feel of this wedding. The roaring fire in the grate of he wedding venue also provided a beautiful showpiece.

country house winter wedding - couple in front of open fire bride with orchid wedding hair decoration

This was a great wedding to work on and one that I will remember for a long time. Thanks to Mark from Talking Pictures for providing some of these images.

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