Wedding Flower Products

Want fast solutions to getting your wedding organised? Or do you just love working with flowers? Here are some products that you will find useful.


create your own wedding flowers book cover

Create Your Own Wedding Flowers

Our step-by-step guide to making beautiful wedding bouquets and centerpieces. Save money and have fun.


stunning flowers for your home cover

Simply Stunning Flowers for Your Home

In this DVD, Cindy guides you through the process of making 6 eye-catching arrangements.

DVD is in PAL format, UK delivery only

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brides wedding speeches

Bride's Wedding Speech

If you love the idea of speaking,  but are not sure where to start, this ebook is ideal. 

It’s probably the quickest and easiest way to crafting a great speech that will be treasured by you and your husband, as well as enjoyed by your guests.

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red rose favor tin

Flower Wedding Favors

Why not co-ordinate your favors with your flowers? Here's lots of choice - you'll find plenty of rose, calla lily and spring flower favors etc. to match your theme.