Orchid Wedding Flowers

With their exotic colourful blooms, orchid wedding flowers are a popular favourite with brides.

Orchids used to be a sign of wealth and social standing, at least here in the UK. That's because it was so expensive to cultivate the flowers in this country. Now it is possible to import orchids from overseas so you don't need to be a millionaire to look a million dollars.

orchid wedding flowers

Cymbidium Orchid Wedding Flowers

There are a number of orchids that are used at weddings. One of the most popular is the cymbidium orchid. These gorgeous flowers have large heads and there are white, yellow, pink and pale green varieties.

They have robust waxy petals, which are more resistant to drying out than other flowers. This can be important if you have a wired bridal bouquet and you are concerned that it may dry out on a hot summer's day. Cymbidium orchids are the most wilt-resistant flowers that I know. You could even cut some flower heads and lay them on the tables at a reception, to make a quick, natural and colourful table decoration.

When I was in Thailand, cut flower heads were simply floated in a large flat vase of water. Very simple, but an extremely effective way of appreciating the colour and design of these flowers.

Other Types of Orchid

Another commonly used orchid wedding flower is the Singapore orchid (Dendrobium). These are a more delicate flower and common colours are white and purple. We've found that they work well in garlands and as a secondary flower in wedding table centres

There are also some less common orchids available to brides. These include varieties of Vanda orchids. One variety that I particularly like has a stunning purple and white chequered appearance.

Phalaenopsis orchids can also be incorporated into bridal bouquets for an unusual and charming look.

Vanda and Phalaenopsis orchids are not commonly seen as cut flowers because they are quite expensive. Having said that, these flowers certainly have a touch of exclusivity about them. Just be prepared for loads of people coming up to you on your wedding day and saying "What ARE those beautiful flowers that you have in your bouquet?"

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