Make Your Own Wedding Flowers

Can 'DIY' Wedding Flowers really work?

We've noticed that many of our visitors are looking for ideas to make your own wedding flowers. But is it really possible to create good flowers arrangements for your big day? Or is it best to leave it to a professional, afterall you only get one chance of making an impression.

The answer really depends on you. If you want to create spectacular decorations for your guests to appreciate and you want minimum stress on the day, then choose a professional florist. If you're on a shoestring budget, and don't mind putting in a little effort then it is certainly possible to create your own wedding flowers that will still look great.

Tips for Making Your Own Wedding Flowers

  1. Keep it Simple If you haven't had any training in floristry, you will be best off using simple yet elegant arrangements. It is amazing how much time it takes to make 12 wedding centrepieces if you are not used to it.
  2. Be Organised As with all wedding planning it pays to be organised. Thinks about where you are going to buy the vases as well as the flowers. How will you transport the flowers to the ceremony, bride and reception on the day of the wedding?
  3. Classic Flowers Choose classic flowers that will last well once they have been picked. The last thing you want on the day is a room full of your favourite flowers but they have all wilted. Roses and lilies are good to work with and last well.
  4. Practice Have a practice run before the day. The morning of your wedding is no time to be experimenting with new flower designs.

The Ultimate Guide to DIY Wedding Flowers

We've recently produced an ebook on the subject that's called "Create your Own Wedding Flowers".

Make Your Own Wedding Flowers

Cindy has taught floristry at evening classes as well as performing numerous flower demonstrations and workshops. She has used these teaching skills to put together this step-by-step guide for anybody wanting to make stylish wedding arrangements.

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