Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

Hydrangea wedding flowers have become a really popular choice for brides, this is partly due to the recent trend for vintage and retro style weddings. Hydrangeas fit so well with the soft delicate natural look of vintage style weddings.

Hydrangea flower plants prior to being used at a wedding

Hydrangeas come in a wide range of colours including blue, white, lime green, purple, pink, lilac and brown. They are available from spring right through until the autumn, although they are the best price in the summer as availability is high.

Close up of pink Hydrangea flowers Blue Hydrangea wedding posy bouquet

Hydrangea Arrangements

Hydrangeas are versatile and can go into a variety of wedding arrangements and bouquets. They are particularly suited to the handtied bouquet as seen here. You can choose to group them on their own as we have in this photo of theses stunning blue hydrangeas. You can also mix them in with other flowers such as roses, peonies and anemones to give you a softer romantic look.

Hydragea wedding flowers arranged in a goldfish bowl Mixed hydrangeas arranged into a vintage style for a wedding

Hydrangea Wedding Centerpieces

Hydrangeas look really effective in both tall and low wedding centerpieces. They can be placed in fresh water or they work equally well in Oasis foam. You can see how we have used them in the low table centrepieces in the two photos’ above. We arranged the hydrangea heads in the bottom the large goldfish bowl to produce this simple but stunning centrepiece.

You can also see how we arranged these hydrangea wedding flowers with stocks, peonies and roses to give a really beautiful scented arrangement in these cute vintage style containers. These are wonderful table arrangements that can double up as gifts to be given away at the end of the wedding, you’ll certainly have some happy guests.

Wedding top table created using Hydragea flowers

You can see how we have placed a series of the larger arrangements along the top table with small hydrangea head placed in buckets in-between each larger arrangement. This is perfect for bride and grooms who are looking for something a little bit different to the traditional long and low top table arrangement.

Hydrangeas also work really well when mixed with other flowers in tall candelabras and martini vases. They help to give you a really packed flower look to both of these arrangements.

I hope this gives you a few ideas on hydrangea wedding flowers if you’re thinking of incorporating them into your wedding arrangements.

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