Gerber Wedding Flowers

If you want a fun and colourful day, then gerber wedding flowers will certainly fit the bill. These great flowers are available all year round and come in an enormous range of colours.

red gerber wedding flowers


I always associate these flowers with fun and playfulness. Maybe it's their bright colours. Maybe it's because they look like the flowers we all drew when we were 5 years old.

The 'fun' aspect of gerberas was confirmed to me recently when I did the wedding flowers for my extrovert hairdresser. Not only does she do a great haircut, she is also a hilarious entertainer. What was her choice of wedding flower? Wall-to-wall gerberas!

Gerberas are also called gerber daisies, Transvaal daises and African daisies. The latter 2 names refer to the area where the plants originate from: the Transvaal area of Southern Africa.

How to Use Gerber Wedding Flowers

Gerberas are very versatile flowers. They can be used by themselves in a bridal bouquet. Although I think they work even better in combination with other flowers in a mixed bouquet. You can combine them with roses and tulips for a great look.

For a 'spring colours' bouquet, combining mixed coloured gerberas with tulips works extremely well.

pink gerber wedding flowers

As the photo above shows, gerberas can excel at wedding table decorations. Their long stalks are often cut short for bouquets, but for table centrepieces you can keep them long and create tall arrangements. Some discrete wiring will be needed to prevent the flowers from drooping.

Choices, choices, choices

There is certainly no shortage of choice for your gerber wedding flowers. Colours include red, yellow, cream, white, pink and even two-tone colours like 'amante' which has a lovely sunburst pattern of yellow and orange.

In addition to the normal round gerberas, there are versions that have shaggy, hairy petals. These are commonly known as spider gerberas. These unusual looking flowers are ideal for an informal and fun centrepiece arrangement.

Other hydrids include smaller gerberas or 'germinis' that work well in combination with other flowers in an arrangement.

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