Ideas for Fall Wedding Flowers

There are plenty of blooms available that will make excellent fall wedding flowers, despite fall (autumn) being a season that we associate more with falling leaves than flowers.

fall bridal wedding bouquet

Colors for Fall Wedding Flowers

If you are getting married in September or October, consider having wedding themed with the colors of the season. This can include having you wedding flowers in vibrant oranges, dark rich reds and luxurious greens. You can even place highlights of white or yellow in amongst them.

autumn bridal bouquet fall wedding candle decoration

I created the bouquet above for an October wedding. It contains red spider protea, orange mango calla lilies, red gerberas, hypericum berries, leucadendron and green chrysanthemums.

The colorful church candle decoration above was created using beautiful 'cherry brandy' roses and beargrass.

Seasonal Flowers

Hydrangeas are still available at this time of year. Their large flowers come in blue and pink. Interestingly the colours are determined by the acidity of the soil; if it is more acid the flowers are pink, if it is more alkali the flowers are blue (see photos below). The large flower heads can be cut down in size to make blooms for a flower girl's container.

blue hydrangea wedding bouquet pink hydrangea wedding bouquet

Dahlias are now in season and come in a range of colours from vibrant yellow to bright red. They are originally from Mexico, but are now grown around the world. Dahlias are popular with gardeners, who spend hours cultivating them for their beautiful multi-petaled flowers. They make a colourful addition to wedding centrepieces and ceremony arrangements.

orange church wedding pedestal flowers fall wedding flowers

Chrysanthemums are available all year round, but their actual season is in the fall. Commonly known as 'mums' or 'xanths' these flowers come in a wide range of flower sizes and colours. These range from the large headed green varieties like 'shamrock', as seen in the pedestal above, to small lime green ones like 'kermit' (in the bouquet above). They have a long vase-life and are often used by florists as a 'filler' or secondary flower.

'Red hot pokers' (Kniphofia) provide vivid reds and yellows to fall flower arrangements. They are originally native to southern and eastern Africa. These are particularly suited to wedding centrepiece and pedestal arrangements.

Autumn Fruits and Unusual Plants

crab apples for a fall weddingWhy not incorporate some seasonal fruits into your fall wedding flower arrangements? Crab apples are available in red and yellow and can look extremely effective. They are secured in place by using a pin that is invisible once it is positioned.

Physalis fruits have a lovely orange colour and shape, earning the appropriate common name of Chinese lanterns. If you are having a Halloween theme wedding, these could be a good 'flower' to have. Alternatively you may just want to really go for it and use small pumpkins or gourds in your arrangements.

A recent addition to the florist's repertoire is the ornamental cabbage. I was never a great fan of these until I saw one used as a focal flower in a wedding bouquet and I must say I was converted. They can be used in exactly the same way as a large focal flower such as a rose.

Other Fall Wedding Flowers

bride and bridesmaids with fall wedding bouquets

If the seasonally available flowers do not appeal to you, you can always fall back on the tried and tested wedding flowers that are available all year round. These include roses, lilies, orchids and gerberas, all of which will make excellent fall wedding flowers.

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