Ideas for Christmas Wedding Flowers

Couples are looking for Christmas wedding flowers, as it has become an increasingly popular time of the year to get married. Every year we work on weddings over the Christmas holiday. Some people decide to go with the traditional theme incorporating red, dark green and often gold.

Others look for ways of incorporating the Christmas theme but by using a totally different color scheme. This is often achieved by using traditional winter foliages such as blue spruce.

I’m going to share with you some of the recent Christmas wedding flowers we’ve produced to hopefully give you some ideas if you are getting married over the Christmas holidays.

Bridal Bouquets

Christmas wedding bouquet made from red roses Christmas wedding flowers including gerberas, roses and hypericum berries

In the two photos above you can see how we have used the beautiful red ‘Passion’ roses, red hypericum berries and gerberas to create these stunning Christmas bridal bouquets. By using this color theme teamed with the dark green ruscus and berries it really gives you a feel of Christmas.

white rose christmas bouquet for a winter weddingNot everyone sticks to red as their color theme, some people want something a little bit different. On the left you can see a handtied posy of white roses surrounded by a collar of white feathers.

This was for a Christmas wedding theme of icy white and cool blue. The bridesmaids wore cool blue and all of the favors and stationary featured white snowflakes.

Amazingly the weather came up trumps for this wedding, as there was a hard frost on the ground sending everything white but the sky was the most vivid blue. Unbelievably, a light dusting of snow fell as the bride walked down the aisle - sometimes everything really does come together.

Christmas Themed Top Table Arrangements

Christmas theme garland used on the top table at a wedding Christmas wedding flowers used on the bride and groom's top table

In the two photos above you can see how we have used the Christmas foliage of blue spruce in two very different top table arrangements. In the garland on the left we have used the traditional dark reds including the hypericum berries.

The photo on the right is very different but still incorporates the Christmas theme with the foliages but enabled the bride to have a pink colour theme. You can also see how we have incorporated the candles. If you look closely you can see a christmas tree in the background.

A lot of brides ask us to incorporate candles and fairy lights into their Christmas wedding flowers. This gives a nice seasonal feel to the arrangements.

Table Centerpieces

Tulips and crab apples used as christmas wedding flower decoration christmas wedding table flowers

Here you can see two stunning low table centrepieces, which feature the red Christmas color theme. Tulips, berries and roses are all very popular choices for Christmas wedding flowers.

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