Cheap Wedding Flowers

If you're looking for cheap wedding flowers, here are a few tips that will help you save money.

1) Type of Flowers

Use flowers that are less expensive such as gerberas and chrysanthemums. If you want to include exotic flowers like Phalaenopsis orchids, then the price is going to be higher.

2) Buy Flowers that are in Season

You'll get the best price and quality of flowers by buying the ones that are in season. Sure, you can get tulips in late summer, but they will be more expensive than in early Spring. If you're not sure of the different seasons of flowers have a look at our information on seasonal wedding flowers or speak to your florist. Remember that some flowers like gerberas and roses are available all year round.


3) Make Your Own

Creating your own flowers can be both fun and a huge cash-saver. Some brides will get their bouquets made by a professional florist but will make the reception table centerpieces themselves. This is an excellent way to protect your budget but still have stunning flowers that will grace your entrance and look great on your wedding photos.

You can get more information by reading about my ebook on creating your own wedding flowers.

4) Artificial / Silk Flowers

Sometimes artificial flowers can be a cost-effective alternative to the real thing. Artificial flowers can vary widely in price and quality so you will need to do a little bit of research to find a product that you are happy with.

5) Use Your Florist's Experience

Sometimes the way to get the flowers you want without busting your budget is to have a frank discussion with your florist. I often have brides come to me with photos cut out of magazines of celebrity wedding flowers. These displays are absolutely spectacular but so would be the price to create them.

By sitting down with the bride and discussing exactly the effect they want, I am often able to create something that still has all the 'wow-factor' they're after but at a fraction of the cost.

I hope you've found these tips on creating cheap wedding flowers useful.

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