Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Cascade wedding bouquets are a classic style of bridal flowers. And they continue to be a popular choice among our brides.

There is an endless variety of ways to style your bouquet, and a good florist will be able to create something that is unique to you. The thing they all have in common is an elegant 'flowing' form, and a 'trail' at the front of the design.

Cascade bouquets are also known as shower bouquets (a popular term in the UK) and waterfall bouquets.

Flowers to Use in Cascade Wedding Bouquets

It is possible to design a stunning bouquet using just one type of flower; or you can mix up different types and colors of flowers to create something really special. We used just white calla lilies in the bouquet in the picture below.

calla cascade wedding bouquet

Calla lilies work well in shower bouquets as they have long slender stems. Roses can work well for the same reason. Other flowers that can be used include veronica, freesias and lisianthus. Truly beautiful bouquets can be produced with orchids with phalaenopsis orchids being particularly attractive.

Contemporary Cascade Wedding Bouquets

Some people think that cascade bouquets are a bit old-fashioned. Not so! There are plenty of ways to add a contemporary twist to this style of bouquet. One way is to use tropical flowers. Forget carnations and chrysanthemums and choose colourful anthuriums and orchids instead. The bouquet in the photo below was created with these two flowers in it (this shot is at an angle to give a better idea of the shape of the bouquet)

modern shower bouquet

A more modern look can also be achieved by the imaginative use of foliage, and accessories such as beads and decorative wire.

Does Your Size Matter?

I've heard it said that if your body's a certain size or shape you should have a certain type of bouquet - something like if you're tall don't go for a long trail. Well, I don't go along with all that stuff. If you like this bouquet style just go with it and don't worry too much about your shape.

rose shower bouquet

Here's a classic red rose cascade wedding bouquet. I think that would look great with any bride, no matter what their size was. Say 'No!' to the fashion police and have your day how you want it.

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