Calla Lily Wedding Theme

Looking for a great theme? Why not choose a calla lily wedding theme. Calla lilies are one of the most beautiful and elegant of flowers. They make great wedding flowers and they're a personal favorite of mine.

White calla lilies have long been a popular choice for brides and they work well in both bridal bouquets and reception table arrangements. As well as having the real thing in your flower decorations, there are also other ways that you can incorporate calla lilies into your wedding theme.

Calla Lily Wedding Favors

There are a number of different calla lily themed wedding favors that you can obtain. These include decorated mint tins that can be personalized with your own date and details on them. Or you could treat your guest to some chocolate favors with this theme - who could say no to that! If you want a unique favor that you can add to a calla lily theme wedding, just check out the ideas below. They are all from My Wedding Favors - just search for 'calla lily'.

calla lily wedding favor bottle openers calla lily wedding favor candles calla lily wedding coasters
Calla lily bottle openers Calla lily wedding candles Calla lily favor coasters

Looking for a favor that is a little bit different? Then you could opt for a photo album that is decorated with calla lilies. Another idea is to have personalized votive candles that guests will be happy to take away with them as a memento of your day. These inexpensive items are ideal as a way for guests to keep hold of their memories of the big day.


You could use this calla lily placeholder as a practical way of showing guests to their seat at the reception. But it also doubles as a photo frame that guests can take away with them as a favor. I just love this type of favor that has a practical use.

calla lily wedding photo frame calla lily wedding placeholder
Calla lily wedding photo frame Calla lily wedding placeholder

Calla Lily Invitations and 'Save the Date'

Set the theme of you wedding by sending out your 'save the date' and invitations with calla lily flowers on them. This save the date fridge magnet can be sent out months in advance and is guaranteed to be in front of people's noses!

calla lily save the date magnet

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