Butterfly Themed Wedding Flowers

I've noticed that butterfly themed wedding flowers have become popular recently. It's not really that surprising when you think how beautiful and romantic they are.

If you have chosen to add butterflies into your theme you can use them on your invitation design, table plan or place setting cards. All you need do now is incorporate them into your flowers.

Butterflies in Flowers

Butterfly themed wedding flowers decoration

The most effective way to incorporate butterflies into your flowers is in your table arrangements. You can see here, in the photo above, how we have incorporated them into this very natural low table centerpiece.

The natural English garden look to these flowers particular lends it's self to having the odd butterfly hovering around. The great thing is that because they have become a popular wedding theme they are available in many colours and styles.

Butterfly Designs

You can get butterflies in a vast choice of colors, from pastel shades to white and silver, gold's and even black. So you shouldn't have any problem finding a colour to fit with your flower theme.

wedding butterfly accessory on flowers

They also come in a variety of sizes too so it's entirely up to you if you want them to be a discrete accessory or for them to be a striking feature.

If you are thinking of having butterfly themed wedding flowers, ask your florist about supplying you with these accessories. She is likely to be able to find the ideal ones for you, from the large range that is available.

Here are more ideas for wedding accessories to enhance your bridal bouquet and venue flowers.

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