Blue Wedding Bouquets

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Blue wedding bouquet using hydrangeas and roses

I am often asked about creating blue wedding bouquets for brides. There are a number of different flowers that you can use and the look of the finished bouquet can be styled to your particular requirements. Below are some bouquets that I have recently created.

I often mix blue flowers with pink or white flowers such as roses. These color schemes work well and can accentuate the form of the flowers.

Blue and Pink Wedding Bouquets

This color scheme can work if you are choosing vibrant shades of each color or more pastel shades, as you can see in the photos below.

Blue and pink wedding bouquet using hydrangeas and roses pink and blue silk flower bouquet

The photo above left was created from real flowers using blue hydrangeas, pink roses and delicate white bouvardia. It was created as a hand-tied posy bouquet and was easy for the bride to carry. Hydrangeas are available from spring through to autumn from the large flower wholesalers and have grown in popularity in recent years.

The photo above right was created using blue silk wedding flowers. This bouquet consists of blue hydrangeas and pink roses. It has been made for a bridesmaid. I was particularly pleased with the quality of these silk flowers and it is difficult to tell them from the real thing.

Blue and White Wedding Bouquets

Blue and white wedding flowers are a popular combination with the brides that I have worked with. Using white roses or freesias in combination with blue-coloured accent flowers can be very effective.

In the picture below (left) you can see that I have used white freesias and white bouvardia together with blue hydrangeas.

Bridesmaids bouquet created from blue hydrangeas white and blue wedding bouquet created using hyacinths and roses

If you want the amount of blue to be more subtle, you can use small blue flowers interspersed in the bouquet. The bouquet above right has individually prepared hyacinth flowers in between white roses. This process of preparing small flowers is called ‘pipping’ and although it can be quite time consuming the results can be quite stunning.

Blue and white wedding bouquet comprising delphiniums and roses

If you prefer a more structured look to your bouquet, you can have a design such as shown above. This bouquet was created using white roses surrounded with blue delphinium flowers. Delphiniums are quite tall flowers and they are particularly popular as tall centerpiece arrangements for this reason. However, it is possible to cut them short and use them in bouquets as shown here.

More Blue Wedding Bouquets

If you have set your heart on just having blue flowers in your wedding bouquet, that is not a problem. I created the bouquets below to be a mass of a single type of flower.

blue bridal bouquet created using hydrangeas hyacinth blue wedding bouquet

The bouquet on the left is created from hydrangeas. It is a lovely flower to work with and you can also use it in your venue decorations. You can see that I also created a colour coordinated ribbon handle using two different shades of blue ribbon. I love making finishing touches like that!

The blue wedding bouquet pictured above right is created from hyacinths. This springtime flower has a wonderful fragrance and a beautiful structure when viewed close up. Less commonly asked for than other wedding flowers, hyacinths are a good option if you want something that is different.

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