Blue Silk Wedding Flowers

Here are some blue silk wedding flowers that I have created recently. Blue continues to be a color that brides ask me for on a regular basis and using silk flowers can be a way to get around the fact that there are less natural flowers available in this color.

Blue Silk Bridal Bouquet

Blue silk wedding flowers created using hydrangeas and rosesThe photo here shows a bouquet that I created using blue hydrangeas and grey-colored foam roses.

The roses help to add a different color and texture to the bouquet without overpowering it. The foliage is hydrangea leaves.

The handle is covered in silver-colored silk ribbon and a diamante brooch has been fixed to the top. This bouquet has many classic elements to it and would look great at a vintage wedding.

Bridesmaid’s Bouquet

Silk blue and pink flower bouquet for a bridesmaidThe bridesmaid’s bouquet pictured here has been created using blue silk hydrangea flowers and pink foam roses.

It has been created slightly smaller for a bridesmaid, although the same style could be used for a bride.

The handle was created using sky blue organza and finished with a satin pink ribbon.

Silk Wedding Centerpieces

Silk wedding centerpieces have a number of advantages over using real flowers. They are easy to transport to the venue and can be prepared in advance. This is the reason why they are a popular choice with DIY brides.

You see more photos of our blue wedding flowers and silk wedding flower bouquets on these pages.

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