Blue Hydrangea Wedding Flowers

blue hydrangea wedding centerpieceBlue hydrangea wedding flowers are one of the best choices to make an impact at your wedding. They can be used to make stunning wedding centerpiece decorations as shown above, or used in bouquet and venue decorations.

Blue Hydrangea Bouquets

silk blue hydrangea wedding bouquetHydrangeas can be used in wedding bouquets either by themselves or in combination with other flowers.

I created the bouquet here (right) from silk flowers and it is blue hydrangeas combined with grey roses. The finishing touch is a diamante brooch on the handle. This page has more ideas for blue silk wedding flowers.

The remaining photos on this page are real flowers – just thought I’d make that clear as they look so similar nowadays!

Blue hydrangea wedding bouquet created for a bride blue ribbon handle on a hydrangea bouquet

The photos above are of a pure blue hydrangea wedding bouquet, finished with a two-colored ribbon handle. This bouquet was created for a bride, although a slightly smaller version would be ideal for a bridesmaid.

The two photos below show how you can combine blue hydrangea wedding flowers with other colors. I think they work particularly well with pink and white combinations.

Blue hydrangea wedding flowers made for a bridesmaid pink roses and blue hydrangea wedding bouquet

Why I Love Using Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are big and bold flowers! In some decorations such flower arches, it is easy for small flowers to get lost amongst the greenery. However hydrangeas are large enough to make a statement.

Having said that, it is worth knowing that hydrangeas come in a variety of sizes from relatively smaller headed flowers suitable for bouquets to large blooms that are ideal for using at your wedding venue. This versatility is a real bonus and means that you can coordinate your whole wedding using this flower.

Vintage weddings are still popular and hydrangeas are ideal for this theme. White and pink hydrangeas fit this style but why not be a little bit different and include blue hydrangeas?

See more ideas for blue wedding flowers.

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