Anthurium Wedding Flowers

Want a modern, contemporary feel to your wedding? Then look no further than anthurium wedding flowers. I've used these colorful flowers many times and they always get admiring comments.

Check out the video below that I made about them.

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Anthuriums are native to tropical countries and work really well in tropical wedding flower arrangements. They are so stunning that many people think that they are not real. I've often seen people testing anthurium flower arrangements that I've installed, just to make sure that they are not artificial flowers.

Anthuriums have a number of common names including flamingo flowers and tail flowers. I've also heard them called a few rude things on account of their unusual shape!

These flowers make a great talking point if you have them in reception table centerpieces. They are also suitable for bouquets and pedestal arrangements. I try and use the smaller headed varieties when making bridal bouquets, as the large ones can be overpowering.

Another good thing about anthurium wedding flowers is that they are available all year. So if you want to bring a bit of colorful fun to your December wedding, there is nothing holding you back.

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